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SEO Marketing Trends and Your Facebook Business Page


SEO Marketing Trends and Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook BusinessOne of the major SEO marketing trends these days not only involves maintaining an effectiveFacebook Business Page but keeping all content optimized and designed in a way to attract and retain qualified traffic. This can be a difficult task, rather like maintaining a website but more restrictive because of Facebook’s limited adaptability.

Will and I have found a number of ways that can help you customize your Facebook Business Page so it will stand out from your competitors’ pages. You have many thousands of prospects on Facebook so it makes sense to show a unique face to the world, it says “I’m unique and so is my brand.”

1.Create a Customized Facebook URL

If you haven’t already done this, now’s the time.  Using your brand in your customized URL (http://www.Facebook.com/MyBrand) not only makes your Facebook Business Page look more professional but it will be easier to find and more memorable.

2.  Make your Landing Page a Unique Welcome Page

Under Manage Permissions you can set your default landing page as your Welcome page after creating a custom tab. Here you should encourage your visitors to Like you, that way they get your latest posts and news feeds instantly.

3. A Picture Can Relay Information Effectively

Although this may take a lot of tweaking and experimentation you can create a Facebook photo that gives more information about your business.  This will appear on every page you have, so make sure it doesn’t interfere with the look of other pages.  It will also have to look good as a thumbnail because it will appear next to all your comments and posts. 

4. Use Custom Tabs to Make your Business Page more like a Website

Facebook tabs load content from external sources and use an application similar to iFrames. That way you can create a page on your website that loads to your Facebook Business Page. Again this may take some tweaking, but if you keep everything under 520px you should be good.  It’s best not to display the tab on your website once it’s created.

A new tab could be for:

  • Testimonials
  • Lead generation (a squeeze page)
  • Special Promotions or coupons
  • Product or service information
  • Add SlideShare presentations*  

5. Photo Strip

There are dozens of creative ways to use the photo strip feature on your Facebook Business Page. Check out MacDonald’s Facebook page, Toys-R-Us or any vehicle manufacturer’s site for ideas. You get 5 photos so let your imagination run wild!  It’s surprising how many businesses are not using this feature; you can give your site that “WoW!” factor by using this useful feature effectively.

6. SlideShare*

By creating another custom tab you can combine content from other social media channels by using Facebook’s SlideShare application.  You can combine content from YouTube and Twitter for example, or upload and share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios.

7. Target Your Posts

One of the most effective SEO marketing trends is to customize your posts so only certain people see specific posts.  For example if you run a bilingual Facebook Business Page you can target posts to people who only speak Spanish and others who speak English separately.  If you understand all aspects of your target audience this can be a very efficient way to communicate with just some.  This has been developed to emulate Google+ in some aspects and can better personalize relationships with different segments of your audience.   

8. Running Facebook Contests    

By using Wildfire you can create a contest or promotion that will work under Facebook’s guidelines.  Contests and promotions are excellent ways to attract, retain and engage your audience.  A coupon promotion or contest can be created as a separate tab which can also be reached through your business’s main website or blog.

Although SEO marketing trends will naturally change over time, being creative and using every available application for a Facebook Business Page can increase visibility, encourage interaction and build brand awareness.





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