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WTF? - (What the Facebook?) - Facebook Traffic Building


Facebook Traffic Building

Times are definitely a’ changing on the internet since the day Facebook appeared.  You onlyFacebook Traffic Building have to look at the first three months of 2011 when over one trillion ads were served up on the internet and one third of those ads alone were served on Facebook.  What started out as a purely social platform has turned into a marketing Mecca for some, but not every business even though Facebook is now leagues ahead of its rivals, Google and Yahoo.

Facebook CPC Rates Rising but CTRs are only .05%!

As with any pay per click-style advertising, it’s not the clicks that matter it’s the click through rates which lead to the desired result that are important, that may be a sale, sign up or download. The industry average for click through rates holds at roughly 1% but Facebook CTRs are only half of that.  With the average CPC rate for Facebook more than doubling to 49 cents each last year, advertisers wishing to use Facebook as a platform must be certain they are going to get a worthy return on time and investment.

Indeed many thousands of companies that have seen the enormous surge in Facebook advertising as a “dead cert” have come away disappointed.  Costs per click are only going to continue to rise and CTRs are showing no signs of improving, so any company wishing to try their luck at Facebook advertising is going to have to do a lot of homework first.

Before spending money on advertising a company should first look at ways to improve its targeted traffic by using any or all of the tools now available on Facebook.  Before you buy website traffic be certain that you have an effective landing page on your website and experiment with all the available tools. If you find that concentrating on SEO for organic search is more effective and costs less, then that is the route you should take.

Is Facebook Advertising Right for your Business?

Many companies may have a large presence on Facebook but that doesn’t mean they have hit the mother lode.  They may be there because they “feel” they should be there, which isn’t a recipe for a cost-effective marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy should always include careful data analysis.  One company’s products can be more effectively marketed on Facebook than another, so the key is to experiment. Run a strict time-limited campaign, keep within a budget and adjust as necessary.  Just because Facebook is the biggest doesn’t mean it’s the best for every business.

If you find a short, carefully-monitored Facebook marketing campaign is not an effective way to buy website traffic, emphasize on other areas that will be more cost-effective, drive targeted traffic and bring better returns.  





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